How To Sell CALL Options in Zerodha?

Finance Guru Speaks: This article will guide you on how to Sell Call (CE) Options in Zerodha.

How To Sell Call Options in Zerodha

Zerodha, as a Trading and Demat Account, has gained very wide popularity because of very low-cost trading and ease of use. If you don't have the Zerodha account, then you can open it through this LINK. It is very easy to open a Demat Account in Zerodha.

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To begin with, selling Call Option is also known as SHORT Call position. In India, we denote Call Option as CE (Call European).

Why and When do you sell Call Option:

You Sell Call Option only when you are sure that the Index or Stock Price (Spot or Underlying Price) will not cross the Strike Price during Expiry. You will be in gain till the Spot Price remains lower or equal to the Strike Price. As you are a Seller, you will receive Premium from the Buyer which will be your Maximum Profit if everything goes as per your expectations.

Steps to Sell Call Options in Zerodha:-

1. Login to Zerodha after clicking here. Provide your User ID, Password, and then your assigned PIN to Login.
Zerodha Login
Zerodha Login Screen
2. On the Home Page, go to the Watchlist on the left-hand side and Search the required Call Strike to sell the CE Option and click on S button. As an example, we are selling NIFTY JUN Series 10700 CE Option as shown below. You can also select any Stock which is open for FnO trading.:-

How To Sell Call Options in Zerodha
Click to enlarge
3. On the Next Screen, fill Sell Order details as shown below. To keep it simple, we are selling 1 LOT (equal to 75 Shares) of NIFTY at a selling price of 20. The last traded price for JUN Series 10700 CE Strike is 14.10.

With INR 20 as your Sell Price, you will receive a Total Premium of 20x75 = INR 1500 from Buyer.

It is a positional order, meaning we are not selling this Call Option for Intraday Trading. Once you fill all the details, click on Sell button:-

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