10 Trading Books To Become Effective Trader and Investor

Finance Guru Speaks: This article will provide 10 Trading related books to help you become an effective Trader and Investor. 

The chosen books are affordable in price and the Trading concepts taught can be easily applied to the Indian Stock Market.

Note: The list of books mentioned below is in a random sequence and nowhere I am listing them in a rank. The temperament of every individual is different and hence, trading styles and application of techniques also vary. So, there is no point in ranking the mentioned books. Every book is unique and deemed to be helpful to Traders & Investors if the concepts are practiced thoroughly.

Author- Andrew Aziz


This book helps to:-
  • How you can take control over your life and have success in day trading on the stock market.
  • Use simple and easy to understand words to explain the strategies and concepts you need to know to launch yourself into day trading on the stock market.
  • How to Find Stocks for Trades.
  • Explains Important Day Trading Strategies.
  • Explains Trade Management and Position Sizing.
Author- Balkrishna M Sadekar

This book helps to:-
  • Explains the concepts of candlestick trading effectively.
  • Explains the types of candle signals, techniques to identify and utilize them.
  • Taking advantage of high probability trades, the book explains how one can accurately combine candlestick signals with Western technical analysis for generating explosive profits and cutting losses.
  • How the candlestick technique builds a simple mechanical trading system and eliminates emotional interference, gluttony, and panic.
  • Besides clearing concepts of candlestick charts and signals, the book also offers market-tested trading ideas and some Do’s and Don’ts in business, straight from the author’s experience.
Author- Ashwani Gujral, Rachana A. Vaidya


This book helps to:-
  • The 3Ms of trading success — method, money management, and mind-set.
  • The technical pillars — moving averages, pivots, and exceptional candles.
  • Profitable trade entry, trade management, and exit tactics
  • How to trade the morning range, trends, gaps, and sideways markets.
  • How to add the catalyst of big news events to power your trades.
  • How to avoid — and profit from — market traps.
  • How to harness the explosive power of multiple trading tools working in tandem.
  • Money management — position size and risk management.
  • How to master your mind in order to vanquish the market.
  • The daily discipline of a successful day trader.
Author- Andrew Aziz

This book helps to:-

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