How To Get SBI Mutual Fund Account Statement Online?

Finance Guru Speaks: Are you wondering how can you get your SBI Mutual Fund Account statement online? Then, you have come to a right place.

The first and last thing required is to have a valid email ID registered against your SBI Mutual Fund Account.

If your Email ID is not registered, then kindly visit SBI MF branches or their Registrars (like CAMS). You can also follow this link to get your Email ID registered online your with SBI MF Folio.

Here is how you can download or get your SBI MF Account Statement Online:-

1. Visit SBI MF Home Page by clicking here.

2. As shown below, click on Investor Corner -> Statement of Account.  
SBI Mutual Fund Account Statement
Click to enlarge - SBI MF Account Statement

3. Either enter your folio number or PAN No. in the box provided below and then click Submit.  A latest Statement of Account will be sent on the registered email ID.

SBI Mutual Fund Account Statement
Click to enlarge - SBI MF EStatement
SBI MF EStatement
Click to enlarge - SBI MF EStatement

Note: What we observed that there is a delay in the account statement reaching to your mailbox. So keep some patience. :-)

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