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How To Transfer Money Instantly Using India Post Office Instant Money Order (iMO)?

Finance guru Speaks: Sending Money Order through India Post is still in use in small towns and rural areas where connectivity is a challenge.
INDIA POST - Instant Money Order
INDIA POST - Instant Money Order

This article will provide you details on how you can instantly transfer your Money Order using India Post. You might be familiar with the remittance procedure of Western Union. The concept is the same.

Using Instant Money Order (iMO), individual Indian residents can transfer their money (from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 50,000) through designated iMO Post Offices within India.

Booking Procedure (To Send Money) :-

-          Visit iMO Post Office. Fill "To Remit Payment" (TRP-1) form and submit it with money at the Counter.
-          Once the iMO is booked, you will get a printed receipt with computer generated confidential 16 digit iMO number in a sealed condition from the Counter Person. This 16 digit number is highly confidential.

-          Tear the seal and inform this confidential 16 digits iMO number to the Receiver (that is the person whom you want to transfer the money). You can share this no. through SMS, Mobile Call, Email etc on your own risk.

Deliver Procedure (To Receive Money) :-

-          Receiver will present the 16 digit iMO number at any designated iMO post office counter near to his location. Receiver needs to fill up and submit a "To Make Payment" (TMP-1) form along with a copy of his personal identity proof.
-          Receiver can receive the Cash upto Rs 50,000
-          If Receiver is having Post Office Savings Bank account in the same iMO post office, then the amount can be directly credited to his/her account.

Charges :-

For amount Rs. 1000 – 10,000 : Rs. 100 has to be paid as commission to Post Office.
For amount Rs. 10,001 – 30,000 : Rs. 110 has to be paid as commission to Post Office.
For amount Rs. 30,001 – 50,000 : Rs. 120 has to be paid as commission to Post Office.

Please check with Post Office as the above commission amounts can be revised.

1. Voter’s Identity Card
2. PAN Card
3. Ration Card with photo of the receiver
4. Post Office Identity Card
5. Driving License
6. Passport.
7. School/college Identity Card
8. Official Identity Card
In case the Photo Identity Card has a valid expiry date the same is to be mentioned in ‘To Make Payment’ (TMP-1) Form

You can also choose standardized message (without any additional charges) while transferring the money like “Happy Birthday”, “Diwali Greetings”, “Id Mubarak”, “Happy New Year” etc. :-). Contact the Post Office for more details.
Courtesy: India Post (http://www.indiapost.gov.in/)

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