How To Get HDFC Mutual Fund Account Statement Using SMS?

Finance Guru Speaks: Are you wondering how can you get your HDFC Mutual Fund  Account statement using SMS, considering the fact that you are an existing investor of this Fund house?

You need to have a valid email ID registered against your HDFC Mutual Fund Folio Account. You can register your Email ID at the time of Mutual Fund purchase or any later stage with the Fund house.
Generate HDFC MF Account Statement Using SMS
Generate HDFC MF Account Statement Using SMS
If your Email ID is not registered, then kindly visit HDFC MF branches or their Registrar CAMS office to register it.

Here is how you can generate or get your HDFC Mutual Fund Account Statement through SMS:-

1. Through any Mobile No., send SMS to 56767 in the below format :-

CAMS H SOA <Folio Number without check digit> <password> 

Suppose your HDFC Mutual Fund Folio Number is 8768976/35 and you need to set the Password to open the Account Statement as p1ssw2 , then you need to send SMS as -

CAMS H SOA 8768976 p1ssw2

The password length must be 6 characters, and must contain atleast 2 numbers and 2 alphabets. This service will return an Account Statement to your Registered Email Id.

Once the SMS is sent, it will either return an SMS confirmation that an account statement will be emailed to your valid registered Email address or in case of any error, it will report the appropriate error. 

All you need to do is to check your EMail after sometime and open the Account Statement by providing the Password (which you set as password in the SMS)
Congratulations on receiving your HDFC Mutual Fund Account Statement using SMS :-)

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