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How To Close or Cancel Online RD (Recurring Deposit) Through SBI Internet Banking?

Finance Guru Speaks: Do you want to close or cancel your online RD account through SBI (State Bank of India) Online Banking?
If yes, then follow below steps to cancel your RD account through OnlineSBI:-

1.      Login to OnlineSBI website, using your username and password. 
OnlineSBI Login Page
OnlineSBI Login Page
  2.      Go to e-Fixed Deposit->e-RD / e-SBI Flexi Deposit ->e-RD (Recurring Deposit) and click on Proceed button , as shown below:- 
Close RD Account SBI Online Banking
Click to enlarge - Close RD Account SBI Online Banking
 3.      Click on Close A/c option as shown below:-

Close RD Account SBI Online Banking
Click to enlarge - Close RD Account SBI Online Banking
 4.      Select your RD account to be closed and click on Proceed button.
Congratulations!! You have closed your online RD Account successfully using SBI Internet Banking facility.

Important guidelines shared by SBI:-
  • Once deposit a/c is closed, it cannot be activated again.
  • Closure proceeds will be credited to the same a/c from which the e-RD was created. If the original debit a/c is closed or has become inoperative, then please request the branch for closure.
  • Interest paid on premature withdrawal of term deposits could be less than the contracted rate, as per the applicable rule on the date of premature payment. For current rules, please click here.
  • The NRO e-RD may only be closed at the Branch. Please submit the "Self declaration / Tax residency certificates" as applicable under DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) at the Branch for availing concessional TDS.
  • In case the original maturity date of the deposit is past, the deposit would have been rolled over, in the absence of any instructions to the contrary. The maturity date displayed in such cases would not be the original maturity date.

For more learning, please visit "At a Glance" section.
How To Close or Cancel RD (Recurring Deposit) Online Through SBI Internet Banking?
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  1. Thanks for the information :), also i need how to close RD account online in HDFC.

    1. Hi Murali,

      Thanks for your kind comments. We will write our next article on the requested topic and intimate you.

      Keep visiting and sharing the articles.

      Finance guru Speaks

    2. I need how to close RD account online in Bank Of Baroda.

    3. I need how to close RD account online in Bank of Baroda.

  2. Bank of Baroda RD closing process online?


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