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How To Download EPF (Employee Provident Fund) e-Passbook Online?

Finance Guru Speaks: This article will inform about how you can download your EPF (Employee Provident Fund) e-Passbook online through EPFO Member Portal.

I believe you already know your PF No. :-)

No worries if you do not know, you can find your PF No. in your Salary Slip.

Before you download or access this portal, you need to register to this Member Portal.

In our earlier article, we have already provided the steps to get registered on this Member Portal. 

So, once you are registered, follow below steps to download your EPF e-Passbook :-
1. Suppose at the time of registration, you used PAN Card Number as your login credentials. Then provide PAN Card No. & Mobile No. and click on Sign In button.

EPFO Member Portal
EPFO Member Portal
2. In this page, click DOWNLOAD E PASSBOOK link, as shown below:-
Download EPF Passbook
Click to enlarge - Download E-Passbook Page
3. Select your State (where you are/were employed and have your PF account located):-
Download EPF Passbook
Click to enlarge - State List
4. Then, select your EPFO Office, as shown below:-
Download EPF Passbook
Click to enlarge - EPFO Office List
5. Provide your PF No. along with mentioned Characters in the Text box and click on GET PIN button.

You will receive Authorization PIN in your registered Mobile No.
Select I Agree checkbox and click on Get Detail button after entering your received PIN.
Download EPF Passbook
Click to enlarge - Download EPF Passbook

Congratulations!! You will get PDF link as seen below. Click on it to download your EPF e-Passbook. 
EPF e-Passbook PDF Download Link
Click to enlarge - e-Passbook PDF Download Link

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How To Register To EPFO Member Portal To Access EPF Passbook Online?


Images Courtesy: EPFO Portal

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