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How To Get SBI mPassBook For *State Bank Anywhere* Mobile Users?

Finance Guru Speaks: This article will demonstrate on how you can get SBI (State Bank of India) passbook details on your SBI Mobile App which is also known as mPassBook.

mPassBook is an electronic application of a physical passbook for savings bank and current accounts.     

The facility is currently available on Android phones, but would soon be available on iOS and Blackberry phones too.

The first step is to download State Bank Anywhere Ver 3.0.0 Andriod App (SBI Mobile Banking Application) on your Android mobile. It’s a free application. You can install the App from this link - Click here

Once the App is installed in your Smartphone, please follow below steps:-

1. Login to State Bank Anywhere Application, by providing your OnslineSBI Internet Banking Username and Password:-
 State Bank Anywhere Mobile Banking Login
State Bank Anywhere Mobile Banking Login
2. In the next page, you can find mPassBook button as shown below. Click on that:-
SBI mPassBook
SBI Mobile Banking mPassBook

3. Select your account number, as shown below:-

State Bank Anywhere mPassBook
SBI Mobile Banking mPassBook
4. You can see your mPassBook details on your Smartphone as shown below:-

State Bank Anywhere mPassBook
SBI Mobile Banking mPassBook
From my personal experience, I would say SBI has to develop this feature a lot more so that it would be really beneficial for the Mobile Banking Users. Currently I can see only last 2 transactions.

Hope this feature improves over a period of time.

Courtesy: State Bank of India (http://www.sbi.co.in/) 

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  1. That is the real problem. Only last 2 pages visible.can't we see last 100 transaction online


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