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How To Check KYC Verification Status?

Finance Guru Speaks:  This article will provide you details on how you can check the status of your KYC Application. KYC verification is mandatory for Mutual Funds investments.

To know more about KYC and to download related KYC Application Form, please read: 

You can check your KYC Status from this link: KYC Status

You need to provide your PAN No. inorder to get the information.

If you don't know your PAN No, then you need to provide details like your Name, Date of Birth

KYC Status Check page looks like below:
KYC Inquiry
Click to enlarge - KYC Inquiry
If your application is verified successfully, then you get the information as shown below:

KYC Inquiry Status
Click to enlarge - KYC Inquiry Status

Images Courtesy:CDSL Ventures Limited Website

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