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Download and Know About Pensioners Life Certificate

Finance Guru Speaks: This article provides you Pensioners Life Certificate document.

All the Retired People, eligible for Government Pensions have to produce duly-filled Life Certificate document in front of the Bank where their Pension Account is operating. The bank is here acting as Pension Disbursing Authority (PDA).  

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They need to mandatorily produce this Certificate every year in the month of November so that they can get their monthly pensions smoothly. In other words, this activity has to be done once in a year (on every November).

The intention of producing this life certificate is the annual identification infront of PDA.
You can download the Pensioners Life Certificate from this link.

Note: If you fail to produce this life certificate in the month of November, then your pension may stop from next month (December) onwards.

The Life Certificate looks like this :-

Pensioners Life Certificate
Click to enlarge - Pensioners Life Certificate
Please do let me know if you need any help in filling this form. I would be more than happy to do so!

I wish a very peaceful and pleasant life to all the retired audience. :-)

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