EPFO: How To Activate Your UAN Based Registration?

Finance Guru Speaks: I wrote in my previous article about how you can check your UAN Status.

You can read below article if you want to know more details:-

EPFO: How To Check Your UAN (Universal Account Number) Status?

UAN is a 12 digits Numeric Number and you will receive it from your Employer.

Once you have received UAN from your Employer, next step is to activate it to enjoy its benefits.  

This article will guide you in how you can activate the received UAN.

Please follow simple steps as shown below:-

    - Open UAN Member e-SEWA Portal by clicking here
    - As shown below, Click on Activate your UAN link.

Activate your UAN
Activate your UAN
     - Fill the details, as shown in the below image. Click on GET PIN after filling the upper section. Wait for some time, you will receive below SMS from the Portal:-

SMS Content: To complete activation of UAN based registration, enter PIN: 2330

Activate your UAN Based Registration
Click to enlarge - Activate your UAN Based Registration
    - Enter the received PIN and click on Submit button as shown in above image.

    - Once your UAN credentials are verified, you need to verify your details & create a Password to access the UAN Portal for login. Don't forget to provide your email ID too.
It is shown as below:-

Verify UAN details and Create your Password
Click to enlarge - Verify and Create your Password
Note: Remember your UAN is your User ID to access the Portal.
Now you will receive below SMS :-

Your UAN 1000xxxxxxxx has been activated with user ID 1000xxxxxxxx. Please update your mobile number details whenever you change it.

Congratulations!! Your UAN has been registered successfully now.

UAN Registered Successfully
Click to enlarge - UAN Registered Successfully
Open your mail box and check for email from UAN Portal. Open that mail and verify your email address with the help of email verification link provided in the mail. Once you confirm your Email Address correctly, you can see below screen:-

UAN - Email Address Verified
Click to enlarge - Email Address Verified
Now, start using your UAN as your User ID and Password to open the UAN Member Portal and avoid all unnecessary hassles! :-)

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Images Courtesy: EPFO Portal

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