How To Online Reset or Recover Vijaya Bank Net Banking Password?

Finance Guru Speaks: Have you forgotten your Vijaya Bank Net Banking Login/Transaction Password and your Internet Account got locked due to maximum incorrect login attempts? 

And, now you are reluctant to go to your Bank Branch to sort out the issue. Well, things are quite easy even in Nationalised Banks, all thanks to the Core Banking Technology.

Below are the Steps to Reset your Vijaya Bank Net Banking Passwords Online without visiting your Branch:-

1. Open Vijaya Bank Net Banking Login Page.

2. Click on Forgot Password? link under Retail Users section, as shown below:
Vijaya Bank Forgot Password
Click to enlarge - Vijaya Bank Forgot Password
3. Provide your existing Net Banking Username and Bank Account No. Enter the text as shown in the image:
Vijaya Bank Forgot Password
Click to enlarge - Vijaya Bank Forgot Password
4. In the next page, provide details as shown below:

Vijaya Bank Forgot Password
Click to enlarge - Vijaya Bank Forgot Password

5. Enter the OTP code which you will receive on your registered Mobile No.
Vijaya Bank Forgot Password
Click to enlarge - Vijaya Bank Forgot Password
6. You can reset your Login & Transaction Password in the next page:
Vijaya Bank Set Login and Transaction Passwords
Click to enlarge - Vijaya Bank Set Login and Transaction Passwords

Congratulations!! You have successfully reset your Login & Transaction Passwords Online using Internet Banking features. You can go back to Login page and use the Net Banking facilities.

Vijaya Bank Passwords Reset Successfully
Click to enlarge - Vijaya Bank Passwords Reset Successfully
Important Notes shared by Bank:-

* This facility can be used only by existing Internet Banking Customers with Debit Card Facility.
* Your Mobile Number,DOB/PAN should be present for above account at branch.
* Update the above details at branch, if not present in your record.
* An Online Password/OTP generation attempt per day is 3.
* If you have forgotten your password or password got expired after getting enabled, you can use this facility to create a new sign on password,transaction password as requested and then you can login using your new password immediately.
* Do NOT ever disclose any details pertaining to your Account related,Login ID,OTP and etc., to anyone seeking such details over email or phone or any other media.
* Your account number should be operative and linked with ATM card.

 Images Courtesy: Vijaya Bank Website


  1. Its not working showing password disable

  2. What to do when making payment the transaction password is Disabled it shows....


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