How To Register Online STP In ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund?

Finance Guru Speaks: Do you want to register STP (Systematic Transfer Plan) from one Mutual Fund to another in ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund House? STP allows the investors to switches a defined amount at a defined interval from one mutual fund to another of the same fund house.

Suppose you have made a lump-sum investment in Fund X so by using STP you can systematically transfer a defined amount (Say Rs. 3000 per month) in Fund Y. Remember both the funds X & Y should be from the same fund house.

Many investors are using STP route to systematically transfer amount from Debt Mutual Fund to Equity Mutual Fund.

Inorder to register online for STP, you should be an existing ICICI MF investor and get registered to its ICICI Pru Tracker website to avail Username and Password.

Steps to register STP Online in ICICI Prudential MF :-

1. Open ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund website and click on below Login to invest link:-
ICICI Prudential MF-Login Page
ICICI Prudential MF-Login Page
2. Login to the Pru Tracker website by providing your Username and Password.

3. In the next page, click on MAKE A TRANSACTION as shown below:-
ICICI MF Online Purchase
ICICI MF Online Purchase
4. Select your Folio No. and click on STP button.
ICICI Prudential MF - Register STP
Click to enlarge ICICI Prudential MF-Register STP

5. Fill all the details for your STP registration, as shown below and click on SUBMIT button.
Click to enlarge ICICI Prudential MF - Register STP
6. Confirm the details :-
ICICI Prudential MF - Register STP
7. After successful STP registration, you can see below message from ICICI MF.
ICICI Prudential MF - Register STP
Congratulations on your successful online STP registration of ICICI Mutual Fund :-)

Images Courtesy: ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund

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