How To Invest In Share Market Through SIP?

Finance Guru Speaks: Yes, you can invest in Stock Market through SIP.

This article will talk about SIP feature for Share Market Investments, which you can avail through “AutoInvest” option offered by Kotak Securities.

Kotak Securities Auto Invest
Kotak Securities Auto Invest
AutoInvest is offered to you as a value added service that allows you to do Systematic Investment Planning (SIP) in Equities. AutoInvest gives you an option to invest a fixed amount, or buy a predefined number of the chosen stocks, at regular intervals.

AutoInvest, available in stocks, coupled with the benefits of an SIP, truly makes this product a very good option for investors.
Invest in Share Market through SIP
SIP In Share Market

For instance, you can select an AutoInvest for a period of say 12 months to invest Rs.2000/- per month in shares of RIL or choose to buy 10 shares of RIL every month up to 12 months through AutoInvest.
After providing the necessary details i.e. the scrip, amount, quantity to be invested, frequency of investment, time period and your AutoInvest instruction; Kotak Securities will transact on your behalf on the specified day and quantity.

Features and Benefits:

·         Choose Amount or Quantity based investments
·         Invest in up to 5 stocks in one order
·         One time SIP registration
·         No need to time the market
·         Normal brokerage charges
·         Extensive selection of stocks to choose from
·         You choose the date to start the SIP
·         Option to sell your stocks at anytime you want

Image Courtesy: Kotak Securities

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