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IMPS - How to Transfer Funds Using HDFC NetBanking?

Finance Guru Speaks: This article will provide you information on how you can transfer your funds or money to other banks through IMPS using HDFC NetBanking facility. For making an IMPS Funds Transfer, you need to first add IMPS Payment receiving Beneficiary in your NetBanking account.

Read article - Payment Transfer using IMPS - How to Add Beneficiary using HDFC NetBanking? to know about how to add a Beneficiary for IMPS Payment Transfer in HDFC.

Once you added the IMPS beneficiary, you need to follow below steps to transfer the funds.

Steps to follow to transfer funds or money to other bank accounts through IMPS :

1. Login to HDFC  NetBanking Account with your Username/Password.
HDFC NetBanking Login
HDFC NetBanking Login
2. Once the page is opened, go to Funds Transfer section as shown below :

HDFC NetBanking Funds Transfer
Click to enlarge - HDFC NetBanking Funds Transfer
3. Click on Go present in Instant Transfer section as shown below :

HDFC Instant Transfer IMPS
Click to enlarge - HDFC Instant Transfer IMPS

4. Now, fill all the details correctly for IMPS Funds Transfer :

IMPS Funds Transfer
Click to enlarge - Fill IMPS Funds Transfer Details

5. Review the details and Click on Confirm on the next page.

6. For authentication of this operation, click on your Mobile no. as shown below and click Continue:
HDFC Bank Authentication
Click to enlarge - HDFC Bank Authentication

7. Enter the One Time Password received on your Mobile through SMS and click on Continue button :
Enter OTP for Authentication
Click to enlarge - Enter OTP for Authentication

Congratulations!! You have successfully transferred your money to other bank accounts through IMPS using HDFC NetBanking. Below is the Acknowledgement Screen.

HDFC Bank IMPS Funds Transfer
Click to enlarge - IMPS Funds Transfer Success

Images Courtesy: HDFC Bank

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