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How To Hotlist or Block Your Lost or Stolen SBI Credit Card Using SMS?

Finance Guru Speaks: Have you lost your SBI Credit Card or is it Stolen? Are you worried on how to block or hotlist this Card as soon as possible? If yes, then this article will provide you guidance on hotlisting your Credit Card Online through SMS facility.
Block SBI Credit Card through SMS

You need to use your registered mobile no. to send SMS to block your Credit Card.

Step to follow to block or hotlist SBI Credit Card using SMS :-

1. Through your registered Mobile No., send SMS to 5676791 in the following format :-

BLOCK xxxx
xxxx refers to the last 4 digits of your SBI or Tata Card number.

Let's say your Credit Card No. is 1111222233334444. You need to send SMS to 5676791 as -

BLOCK 4444

Congratulations!! You have successfully blocked your lost/stolen SBI Credit Card.

Please note, for every SMS request that you send to 5676791, there is a premium charge applicable. Bank will block your card, the moment they receive your card block request through SMS. Bank will also send you a confirmation SMS about the same. If you do not receive a confirmation SMS from Bank within 5 minutes of your request, please do not consider the card to have been blocked. Please call up SBI Credit Card helpline, and get your card blocked immediately in order to avoid any misuse.

Images Courtesy: SBI Credit Card

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